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Tourism Information and Interpretation Centre of Debagoiena
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Guided visits to the Sanctuary of Arantzazu and it is also possible to visit the so-called "Oteiza and Arantzazu". The relation between Jorge Oteiza and the Sanctuary of Arantzazu and the importance of the Sanctuary of Arantzazu in the life of Oteiza will be the main points of the visit.

Schedule of guided visits:
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and long weekends:
10:30 11:30 12:30
From Monday to Friday:
From 8:00 to 14:00
Summer and Easter Week:
Everyday: 10:30 11:30 12:30 16:00 17:00

Prior reservation required:
In order to make a reservation and obtain complementary information (other visits in the surrounding area, restaurants....):
Tel: 943 71 89 11 - 943 79 64 63
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The Sanctuary of Arantzazu, in the municipal district of Oñati, hangs over the ravines and is built on a rocky area in a wild and natural zone.

Although since the year 1918 the Virgin of Arantzazu is the patron saint of Gipuzkoa, this image goes beyond the provincial border, even reaching America with the missionaries.

History takes us back to 1469, the year in which the tradition dates the discovery of the image. This tradition relates that a shepherd from Uribarri who was looking for his goats in this area found it. The shepherd's name was Rodrigo de Baltzategi. And, according to this tradition, the image was left in a thorn bush; a thorn bush that was later used as the image of life. And to tell the truth, in Arantzazu the arantza or thorn bushes are abundant. The reality is that from these first dates, the towns of Oñati and Arrasate became mobilized and pilgrimages began to be made to this singular place. The town of Oñati sent Juana de Arriarán to the place with some assistants to care for the image and take charge of welcoming the pilgrims that arrived in an increasingly greater number. From the year 1501, the Franciscans have had papal permission to remain in Arantzazu, and they have done so for more than 500 years.
Arantzazu has a long history. A very rich spiritual and cultural history. It was the centre of numerous pilgrimages and the meeting place for the Basques. The cultural history of the Sanctuary has been meaningful with regard to Basque literature, music and art.
Arantzazu not only survived three important fires (1553, 1622 and 1834), but it also came out strengthened by them, thanks precisely to the pilgrims and lovers that raised a more beautiful Arantzazu each time.

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Arantzazu constitutes an important art and spirituality centre. It concentrates significant artistic heritage in the new Basilica that began to be built in 1950 and was inaugurated in 1955.
The building by Laorga and Sáenz de Oiza, the apse by Lucio Muñoz, the glass windows by Javier Álvarez de Eulate, the frieze of apostles by Jorge Oteiza, the doors by Eduardo Txillida, the paintings of the shrine by Xabier Egaña, the Crypt painted by Néstor Basterretxea make this Basilica a representative centre of Basque art. In its day, it signified a complete revolution in the comprehension of religious art, making sacred art an open place and a space to welcome everyone.
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On 9th September the festival of the patron saint of Gipuzkoa is celebrated.
From May to October pilgrimages organized by the parishes and groups of Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia, Araba and Nafarroa are made every Sunday and holidays. The Christian community of Iparralde also celebrates a great pilgrimage every two years.
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Gandiaga topagunea


The ancient Seminary has been transformed into a cultural and meeting centre, named "Gandiaga Topagunea", where culture can be a space of dialogue and encounter.
A place of dialogue and encounter. A cultural centre in a surprising and modern space that includes a space for unrestricted dialogue.

It has infrastructures appropriate for holding meetings, congresses and in addition, different entities have specific areas.

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The Mystery


Between the Sanctuary and the building Gandiaga Topagunea, there is a small space called "The Mystery", an area of devotion and reflection.
In this space stand out it great symbols: the thorn bush, meaning the identity of Arantzazu; the rock, the water that comes of out the rock; the witnesses, some of which have very specific faces.
This place is intended to be a step between a society with its own anthropocentric dynamics and what actually belongs to the mystery of the Christian faith and its celebration.
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Tourist Information and Interpretation Centre of Debagoiena

turismobulegoa1The tourist information and interpretation centre of the region is located next to the store. The service of guided visits of the Sanctuary is also found here.
The Tourist Information and Interpretation Centre of Debagoiena is open every weekend of the year..

Autumn and winter schedule: 10:00 - 14:00

Weekends, long weekends and holidays.

To reserve a guided visit or to obtain more information, call the following number or write to the e-mail address:

943 79 64 63  or 943 71 89 11

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